sidney company own a milling machine that cost 250000

Sidney Tool Co

Sidney Tool Co was founded in 1905 by Alfred C Getz, when he bought and renamed the assets of the defunct machine-tool maker Sebastian, May & Co Based on scanty evidence, it appears that the company made both machine tools and woodworking machinery nearly from the beginning Advertisement from the December 1906 American Blacksmith Advertisement from ,...

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Exercise 10

Exercise 10-16 Disposal of assets LO P2 Diaz Company owns a milling machine that cost $250,000 and has accumulated depreciation of $182,000 Prepare the entry to record the disposal of the milling machine on January 3 under each of the following independent situations...

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Lathes, Metal Cutting and Polishing in the United ,

40+ items· Lathes, Metal Cutting and Polishing (34) Machine Tool Replacement & Repair Parts, Metal Cutting Types (427) Machine Tools Manufacturers (1,593) Machine Tools, Metal Cutting Type, Nec (2) Machine ,...

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